Over the past 10 days, PayflowPayments has begun moving customers over to the PayPal & Security Metrics certified TLS1.2 solution. When we architected and developed the PayflowPayments solution we fully vetted Windows 2008R2 and Windows 2012 as Server operating systems. We knew we would potentially see Windows 2003 servers out there because of our background, experience, and the wide range of solutions for Everest Software customers.

On Monday, April 30th we had the first customer commit to the PayflowPayments solution with a Windows 2003 server environment. We quickly discovered no remedies exist for 2003 servers. Organizations running Windows 2003 and utilizing the Payflow Pro Gateway from Paypal will be forced to upgrade their server environments to Windows 2008R2 at a minimum.

For Everest customers, PayflowPayments and MARTEC360 does have ERP private cloud hosting solutions both for temporary use (for the ability to get cc's processing again in an emergency situation) and long-term solutions. Any of these server build-outs will be a separate agreement outside of the PayflowPayments solution.

If you are down and not processing credit cards, with one of the systems/platforms we already work with, please contact us right away.